The Netherlands Perinatal Registry


The Netherlands Perinatal Registry (PRN-foundation) is a joint effort of four professional organisations that provide perinatal care in the Netherlands:

  • KNOV (Royal Organisation of Midwives in the Netherlands)
  • LHV (National Organisation of General Practitioners)
  • NVOG (Dutch Association of Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and
  • NvK (Paediatric Association of the Netherlands).

The Board as well as the different committees within the PRN-foundation are composed of an equal representation of the four professional organisations involved. The staff of the PRN-office consists of a  managing director, an epidemiologist, a quality assurance officer and a unit secretary. The Netherlands Perinatal Registry foundation was raised in October 2001.


All professional organisations have their own voluntary based medical registry: the LVR1-registry (midwives), the LVRh-registry (GP’s), the LVR2-registry (obstetricians) and the LNR-registry (paediatricians/ neonatologists). The LVR1, LVR2 and LNR registries are linked to one combined PRN-registry.




The mission of the Netherlands Perinatal Registry is to improve the quality of health care by giving insight into the perinatal care process and outcomes.




To give insight into the perinatal care process and outcomes several products are generated: 

  • Yearly national reports “Perinatal care in the Netherlands” based on the combined data. 
  • Yearly benchmark reports on practice level with national comparison.
  • Interactive benchmark CD for obstetricians (in preparation for other caregivers)
  • Reports on trends “Perinatal care in the Netherlands 2000-2006”
  • Providing information on individual requests or for scientific projects (around 140 a year).
  • Reports on medical record linkage of the PRN-registry.
  • Report on the revision of the perinatal registry data collection. 
  • Reports on special topics, e.g. congenital anomalies, place of birth, perinatal audit.
  • Reports of PRN projects, e.g. birth weight percentiles, pilot study on the linkage between the civil registration and the combined national PRN registry
  • Policy and management information (ministry, health insurance).
  • Providing data for European/international comparison (PERISTAT).


The Netherlands Perinatal Registry cooperates with several national and international organisations: brightOne Healthcare Solutions, dept.  Medical Informatics AMC, dept. Medical Statistics and Bio Informatics LUMC, TNO Institute Prevention and Health, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Health Care Insurance board (CVZ), the Dutch Ministry of Public Health (VWS), Association of Dutch Health Insurers (ZN), Statistics Netherlands (CBS), EURO-PERISTAT II project.




The Netherlands Perinatal Registry

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